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oven cleanig

Do you need a professional oven cleaning?

Cleaning the oven is one of the most hated of household chores. And, let's face it, there are enough chores to do without having to spend hours pouring over a dirty oven too. The GHI's head of testing Trisha Schofield's advice is simple - get the professionals to do it! ‘Using a professional oven cleaning service is convenient, time-saving and less hassle - worth every penny!,’ she says.

Oven cleaning products can be very effective and inexpensive but are caustic and very messy to use. Cleaning products can’t get into all the grates and crevices that a professional can. An oven cleaner product cannot be used on stainless steel ovens or AGAs either.

On average, it takes a professional two hours to get the shelves, side racks and interior cavities of a conventional oven spotlessly clean, an AGA could take around three. Our goals from Jordan's Cleaning are to create one healthier and safe environment for our special clients. The experience and qualifications of our professional cleaners can give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the best results.

Reasons to use professional oven cleaning services

Time-Saving - The first and foremost reason for using oven cleaning services is that cleaning your oven is such an arduous, hated chore that takes your time away from doing other chores or things you enjoy. Calling in professional oven cleaning services gives you the time to do whatever you want - while your oven is restored to its former shining glory.

Cleaning products and tools - Off-the-shelf cleaning products are typically toxic and very messy to use; won’t get into all the nooks and crannies of your oven and generally cannot be used on AGAs or stainless steel ovens. Our professional oven cleaners use safe, non-toxic cleaning products and have all the necessary know-how and tools to dismantle your oven's components to get into every crevice - which ensures your oven gets the 'deep clean' it deserves without putting your family at risk.

Home & family safety - Grease and dirt tend to accumulate around internal fans, hobs, etc. Left where they are, these build-ups represent a serious fire risk. The deep clean professional oven cleaning services will give your oven removes every bit of grease and grime and subsequently minimises the risk of your oven causing a fire.

Food Quality - Grease, spills and other grime left in the oven will cook and subsequently evaporate, infusing your food with all kinds of unpleasant aromas - which, of course, will also affect the way your food tastes. By allowing professional oven cleaning services to clean your oven properly, you therefore significantly increase the quality and taste of your food.

Energy Cost - A deep-cleaned oven heats up quicker and more evenly, saving you both time and money on your energy bill. Clean oven doors also enable you to see your food without having to open the door, preventing loss of heat and, again, saving on energy costs.

In short, the reasons why you should consider professional oven cleaning services are that these services are time, energy and money saving; ensure your family's health and safety and make your food taste better. In other words, professional oven cleaning well worth the expense in every sense. Don't hesitate to call us and schedule your professional oven cleaning for affordable price and on the best time for you!

How much does professional oven cleaning cost?

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  • Oven cleaning prices:

  • Single oven, including two racks £50.00
  • Double oven, including three racks £70.00
  • Range oven (90cm-110cm) £100.00
  • AGA oven from £90.00
  • BBQ from £50.00
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