Jordan’s Carpet Cleaning LTD

We are a family owned cleaning company based in London.

We are providing an all inclusive cleaning service for your home or office. Like carpet, upholstery, rugs cleaning and more! All of our services are carried out using 100% green friendly cleaning products in order to preserve the quality of the clean.

We provide a full range of expert cleaning services using the most powerful equipment and products operated by qualified technicians.

These machines are known to be powerful enough to remove even the toughest of stains, yet gentle enough to leave behind that fresh, soft feeling you're looking for.

Every service that we offer is carried out by a team of Jordan’s Carpet Cleaning experts, each in their specific field.

  • Why Choose Us?

  • NO Hidden Fees Guaranteed: You have probably heard this before "heavily soiled carpet will require pre-treatment at additional cost". This is a code word for hidden fees. We guarantee that we DON'T have any hidden fees or up-charges.
  • Shortest Arrival Window Ever: We value your time. That's why we provide you with 1 hour timeframe of arrival, not half a day waiting for the carpet cleaning technician to show up.
  • Shoe Covers: We are here to clean your carpet, not to make it dirty. That's why we put on shoe covers even before we step into your home. You will receive also free overshoes from our operator.
  • Thorough Cleaning / Quick Drying: Our cleaning process will leave your carpet and upholstery clean & soft for months to come. We use powerful, low moisture steam cleaning equipment, which will leave your carpet/upholstery damp to the touch without over wetting it.
  • Kids, Pets & Eco Friendly: Our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and safe to use around kids and pets.

Jordan’s Carpet Cleaning LTD is committed to helping its clients live and work in a clean and healthy environment by providing exceptional detailed service along with great customer relations.

We believe clean environment is healthy environment!

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